Custom hang tags are essential if you want to elevate your custom apparel to a professional level. While the classic applications are for branding, logos, retail tags, clothing tags and care instructions, why stop there? Tell your story. Drive traffic to your website. Hang tag t-shirts at your next event with a promotional code, a music download code or event sponsor information. Sometimes you only get one chance to interact with your customers, make it count.


  • $.25 Per Piece, $25 Minimum charge
  • Add One Business Day to Estimated Turnaround Time
  • Minimum Quantity of 24 Pieces
  • Print Custom Hang Tags: Standard Quantities As Low As 100 Pieces, Or Custom Quote A Short Run

How to order

  • Specify in Special Instructions
    1. Location of the Tag
    2. If You Provide the Tags or Require Printing Services
    3. If Attaching More Than One Tag

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