Hard-copy proof

Please add (3) or (4) additional days + shipping time in transit for hard copy proofs. Approved proofs must be signed and returned to D&D for your job to begin. Typically, the second proof (and each proof thereafter), on the same order, is half-price.

Request a hard copy proof color correction for the ultimate color confidence. We will match the colors in your piece and then send you a hardcopy proof to check. Service automatically adds on the cost of creating a hardcopy proof.

How to order

  1. Specify a hard copy proof on order form
  2. Request color correction services in Special Instructions box

Digital Proofing

A faster, more economical alternative to the hardcopy proof. D&D will send you an electronic JPG file to confirm, which saves time and is free of charge. Great for layered files or whenever color is less of a priority.


  • Free of charge.
  • Add (1) day for this service.

How to order

  • Request it on the order form.

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