An automatic screening process for all orders. Before printing, D&D checks all artwork for compliance with our quality standards. We ensure your file has an optimal resolution of 300 dpi and is in standard CMYK printing colors. If you need a “bleed” (extension of your artwork to the edge of the paper) we will make sure that is added properly.

Need a change made to your artwork? Let D&D help with our personal file prep editing. We can modify your graphics or delete/add/edit any text. It is a great time-saver and another way to guarantee the quality of your work.

We welcome a vast array of Mac and PC file formats: TIF, JPG, PSD (Photoshop), EPS, PDF, AI (Illustrator), FH,INDD (InDesign) and QXD (Quark).


  • Basic file screening (color mode, size & bleeds) – no charge
  • File prep editing – starts at $35.

Requesting Additional File Prep

  • Specify desired modifications in special instructions
  • For editing, in the order form, check the box asking if you agree to accept the charge for editing your file.

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